The practice of homeopathy honors physical, mental, and emotional expressions as equally valuable considerations when addressing ill health.

Homeopathic counseling begins with the taking your case which is a very detailed interview that can easily take up to 2 hours. The purpose of this interview is to get a complete and balanced picture of your ailments and character. This requires a family medical history, a personal medical history, and specific detailed information about how you experience your symptoms and life, rather than relying on a diagnosis that is not an individulized representation of your experiences. Together we work toward a deep understanding of you, the unique individual that you are, and which remedies will help you, not a diagnostic label. It is often the "strange, rare, or peculiar" expressions that point the way to the most useful remedy.

Once this characterizing information is received, the homeopath studies remedies in the literature that has been accumulated over the last 250 years; looking for a medicine, that we call remedy, that best matches one's current state. This first remedy is chosen from thousands of possible choices.

The remedy that best matches your unique expression of illness will be one that stimulates your Vital Force so that homeostatic balance returns.

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