Follow-up visits are usually shorter and less frequent, and are therefore also less expensive. As you improve, and depending on one's specific situation, the interval between appointments gets longer.

What you can expect from your remedy. The effect of the first remedy is evaluated at the follow up consultation which is scheduled anywhere from two to eight weeks after the initial appointment. The follow-up visits are used to monitor your progress and to determine when to adjust remedies. Future treatment will be determined at this meeting. The speed of recovery depends very much on the illness.

Acute complaints (short term) will resolve rather quickly and follow up will be sooner. Chronic (long term) illnesses will not disappear overnight as health is restored in  a gentle, long lasting rebuilding of one's system. It is not a quick-fix, nor does it provide an illusion of health by suppressing symptoms. Most users of homeopathy agree that is is worth the patience involved to reach and correct an underlying cause.

Classical homeopaths use one remedy at a time. What you can expect when you receive the correct remedy includes the reduction of or disappearance of specific symptoms, increased energy and stronger immune system functioning. After you have taken your medication it is important to notice subtle changes that signal growing health. Be sure to keep the follow up appointment. Surprisingly, patients “forget” their original complaints once they are gone. Even if the changes require time to develop, they usually are long-lasting.

Good health is not simply the disappearance of one or more complaints but an increase on overall health and well being, physically as well as psychologically.