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According to Zig Ziglar,
"You can get everything in life you want
if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
          On that note, here are some favorite links. The DeMystifying Homeopathy section will answer a lot of your initial questions.Browse this and READ MORE sections for lots more.

LINKS of Interest

Here you can find an additional map and access to other wonderful practitioners from additional modalities.  


    This is an online pamphlet by Jacob Mirman that I encourage new patients to read. See "The Book" and all the chapters in the column on the right side. It is a good primer for learning about what homeopathy is and what one can expect. There are also 5 segments on You Tube you can watch from this same link.


Homeopathy on Facebook

My Facebook page for shared thoughts on homeopathy, similar concepts, or random interesting ideas. 

Great First Stop for Links

  One of the best starting pages of links to all things homeopathic including book sellers, references, beginners articles and information, advanced information, online books, new provings and more. 

Homeopathy School International

     Are you interested in becoming a homeopath? We have a great school available right here in Colorado!

     Directory of homeopaths registered through The North American Society of Homeopaths (NASH), the organization of professional practitioners in North America. Homeopaths who meet NASH's standards are entitled to use the designation "RSHom (NA)."


     "Certification by CHC is a public statement of recognition by a practitioner's peers of training, knowledge, skill and competence in classical homeopathy... Candidates for certification must fulfill educational and clinical experience prerequisites established by the CHC in order to undertake a challenging written exam. Those who pass the written exam subsequently take an oral examination. Successful candidates receive a certificate stating that they are "Certified in Classical Homeopathy", and are entitled to use the credential 'CCH'. This certification is not a license to practice, but is an important step toward defining a national identity for the homeopathic profession." started by a young Indian homeopath, Dr. Manish Bhatia, is the world's leading homeopathy portal offering free, professional content and services for the homeopathic community. Their motto is – "for the people, of the people, by the people."
     This is an in depth and well written site from a homeopath who is working with children who have been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorders (A.S.D.s). The author explains, through actual cases, the way to work with these children and the results one might expect.



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The National Center for Homeopathy

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(May 31, 1941 - June 12, 2005)
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