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Sherill Sullivan, BA, BS, CAS, CCH, RSHom (NA) is a Certified Homeopathic Counselor registered with the Society of Homeopaths of North America. She counsels people in the classical (unicist) style of this centuries old medical system.

Her study of Homeopathy began 30 years ago at the Colorado Institute of Classical Homeopathy, now Homeopathy School International in Longmont CO. The love of and committment to this modality continued with advanced and post graduate course work with masters such as Louis Klein of Luminos Homeopathy Courses, Jeremy Sherr of the Dynamis School, and Massimo Mangliavori homeopath and medical doctor from Italy, and continues through Continuing Education. Each registered and certified homeopath is not only required to earn CEUs to remain current but this study is a privelege to support and be supported by the larger International Homeopathic Community.

Homeopathic education is a lifelong passion pursued through seminars, conferences, provings, webinars, and self-study that ensures a current awareness of research and trends within the homeopathic community. Sherill also volunteers for the Center for Homeopathic Certification.

Bachelor’s degrees in both Counseling Psychology (BA, Westbrook University, 2001) and Integrated Behavioral Counseling (BS, Metropolitan State University, 2010) combined psychology, biology, holistic health, and more to create a broad based foundation for individual-centered therapy. Decades of experience within the mental health system add a dimension of familiarity and understanding of how mental illness can present and how it affects individuals and families.

The three legged stool concept is completed with the study of Addictions, culminating in a license as Certified Addictions Specialist (CAS). These fields of study and the associated skills come together nicely in an eclectic style she calls Integrated Behavioral Counseling, as in the self-designed and individually titled BS degree above. 

Please see additional page for more about CAS and CBT. Sherill wants to discuss homeopathic philosophy in an easy to understand way and make this wonderful modality available to all who want it. Watch for a series of articles in blog form here and on her Facebook page.


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